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National Student Assessment Program is an application designed to help secondary and higher secondary school students to select the right educational path. Every student undergoes the same pattern of studies till class 10. Every student and parent will face the dilemma about which course to choose. The decision is critical and crucial. An unplanned and hasty decision taken due to peer and parental will affect the career and life of the student. We need a scientific assessment system to guide the student as to which course of study and career he/she should opt for and why.

NSAP has developed a Scientific Method of assessing students using latest Analytical tools, Artificial Intelligence & State-of the-Art -Technology. NSAP considers Academic Records, allow students to undergo self-analysis, interact with parents to understand their aspirations, conduct various tests to know student’s strengths, interests, creative and language skills, analytical and logical thinking skills.

The report of the detailed analysis of NSAP will be given to the student.

NSAP helps the students and parents to choose right educational path by providing Career Guidance.


Entrance/Competitive exam

Entrance and Competitive Exams are important for student's career. Most of you face various entrance and competitive exams to get into a course and career. Every entrance and competitive exams demands certain level of IQ, and various skills. Which one suits you and your interest and capability? What raking I may get? is the big dilemma every student faces. To make things easy for students NSAP has mapped all entrance and competitive exams with its requirements. Just take NSAP test and ascertain the chances of success in any entrance and competitive exam. Check Probable Ranking based on the scores obtained by students.

Assessment Process

NSAP is a process that involves Students, Teachers, Parents and Psychologists & Experts,

NSAP uses 3 years of your Academic Record and makes an in-depth Analysis. In the next step, NSAP conducts Various Tests to have a deeper understanding of your Language skills, Analytical skills, creative skills, strengths, weakness, Interest etc.

NSAP will apply the Latest Analytical Tools to advise and guide students. There are more than 1300 course options available for you after 10th and 12th. It is a big challenge for the students to decide on the right course. Our tools will match the test results with every course available and chooses best option for you.

NSAP is the Perfect Guide to make a decision about the RIGHT COURSE OF STUDY . Your future is based on the decision you make after class 10 and 12. Don't take chances.

Start assessing and it is FREEEEE

Career Match

There are 1300 course options. Check Which one is the Right Choice for you.

After 10th and 12th, a student has 1300+ options to choose from. Most of the students are indecisive and the stress of which stream to choose is a dilemma that causes much anxiety and is laden with confusion and conflict. Most of the students make decision with no without any proper analysis. They go with pre conceived notions, parental and peer pressure. This is dangerous to their career and life.

Every Career/Course/Entrance exam demands a certain level of IQ, analytical skills, language skills, & qualifying levels. Edu Match will analyze the capability and skills of a student and suggest course that suits him/her. Your future is not dependent on just academic performance. Just take up an NSAP Test. This will measure your IQ, analytical skills, language skills, & other abilities.



To guide and empower students to discover their potential to pursue right course and a path to a fulfilling career.


Our Mission is to enable students to find right course of study and entrance exams and choose suitable career by, Developing an Assessment system using Artificial Intelligence,


Dr. Guruprasad T N

CEO - Promoter

An Educationist and GIS Expert with a quarter century of experience. Innovator and startup entrepreneur. Innovation is the key that is driving the life and achievement of Guruprasad. Worked in the education sector for about 15 years

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Sudha H M

Co Promoter & Chief Operating Officer

Sudha is a passionate educator with two decades of experience in the fields of Marketing, People Management and Student Counselling. An Expert Counselor.

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Roopa Rao

Co Promoter & Chief Operating Officer

Information Technology and Management Professional with over 25 years of experience. Have been part of reputed organisations in India and USA in roles that ranged from product development to business development.

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CO Promoter
Lakshmi Murthy

Co Promoter & Process Analyst.

A PASSIONATE EDUCATOR WITH 25 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN SCHOOL EDUCATION. Lakshmi Murthy, a passionate educator, has 25 years of experience in school education and has served as Principal of reputed CBSE schools for 17 years. .

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Akhila M Gopal

Psychologist & Expert Counsellor

Akhila a Post Graduate in Psychology with specialization in Student Psychology. After completion of graduation in mathematics Akhila chose to be a student psychologist and undertaken

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Sathya Shankar Marakini

Director - Sw Development

Sathya Shankar Marakini is a software professional with over 31 years of experience in the field of Information Technology. He has worked for large Corporates such as Yokogawa Blue Star Ltd. & Namaste Exports Ltd.

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Chaithra V. Rao

Tech Head

Chaithra V. Rao is an experienced software professional. Who began her career as a software developer 20 years ago. She has multiple Certifications on IBM middleware software. As a technical team head, she is instrumental in developing NSAP solution and application.

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Sunaina Gajanur

Psychologist & Expert Counsellor

Sunaina Gajanur is a post graduate in psychology an Assistant Professor, is instrumental in creating the career tree. A career tree that helps students to choose right educational path out of 400 options. An expert who is working on student psychology.

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What is NSAP- National Student Assessment Program ?

National Student Assessment Program (NSAP) is an application that helps secondary and senior secondary students to make THE RIGHT DECISION & help them to take up the right COURSE that suits them. NSAP will assess and analyze a student in depth, and suggest the course that a student should pursue. NSAP helps students to make the right decision in their educational journey. N SAP will assess a student scientifically and help them to take up a course that suits their Interest, Passion, Strength and capability.

What is the purpose of (NSAP) assessing a Student?

The purpose of NSAP is to ASSESS a student SCIENTIFICALLY and guide them to take up THE COURSE that suits them. More than 400 course options are available after 12th. WHICH IS THE COURSE THAT SUITS MY INTEREST, ABILITY, AND MY CAPABILITY is the question every student faces. And this is a critical probelm that NSAP is working on

Why do I need the NSAP assessment?

There are 400 + course options available after 12th. How do you know which course suits you? Every course demands a different level of IQ, Skill, Ability, Interest, and Competency. How do you know which one suits you? You need to choose a course that matches your STRENGTHS, ABILITY, AND INTERESTS. Therefore it is ESSENTIAL to have an assessment and decide.

Why is NSAP so important?

Because your life is based on the decisions you make today. Today's decision leads to your course. The course leads to Graduation & post graduation. Based on what you studied in graduation/PG you get a JOB. Job will determine the quality of your life . THEREFORE IT IS IMPORTANT.

What may happen if I don't get assessed?

You just get into some course without knowing your strengths, weaknesses, ability, interest and passion. The course may or may not suit you. It may not be to your interest or ability. You may not meet the expectation of the course. These are the risks you encounter.